Wellington District Theatre Federation Inc.


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This is the Wellington District Theatre Federation.

We are a branch of Theatre New Zealand, covering all of the Wellington, Hutt Valley, Horowhenua, Porirua, Kapiti and Wairarapa regions. We have the largest membership of any District, including around 20 full (theatre society) and associate (school) members, as well as many more individual members.

We are a non-profit organisation, whose services include theatre festivals, workshops and other theatre-related events.


Notice is hereby given that the 2020 AGM will be held at 1030 on Sunday 29th March at 130 Ashton Fitchett Drive.

Any member of a Wellington District theatre society is welcome to attend and speak, but only the nominated society representative can vote. Individual and life members of Wellington District are also entitled to attend and vote.

In addition to usual business the AGM will be asked to consider updating the Constitution. The proposed updated Constitution can be found here.

Full Length Play Festival - Now Open

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Some upcoming events:


Blackadder the Third by Ben Elton
at Mana Little Theatre from 18 Nov 2020 to 5 Dec 2020

Ladies In Black by Carolyn Burns
at Wellington Repertory Theatre from 18 Nov 2020 to 28 Nov 2020

The Fall of the House of Usher adpt from Edgar Allan Poe
at Butterfly Creek Theatre Troupe from 19 Nov 2020 to 28 Nov 2020

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by James Barry
at Levin Little Theatre from 20 Nov 2020 to 5 Dec 2020

Waiting for God by Michael Aitkens
at Hutt Repertory Theatre from 25 Nov 2020 to 5 Dec 2020

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